We here at Coasting Through Designs have partnered up with superheroes to make our vision real. This page is dedicated them, what they have brought into our lives, and what they can offer the world.
Their services and expertise deserve the recognition and our official recommendation if you’re visiting our site and find yourself in need of what they have to offer!
So go now! Go check them out! Coasting Through Designs will still be here when you get back!

NGI Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience as a tech company, we continue to strive for new, simpler ways to help companies grow. We build affordable customized websites that are responsive making it easy to be browsed anywhere, anytime.

We are located in Lima, Peru. We serve worldwide and eager to work in your next project. If you want to know more about our services feel free to visit or contact us for any inquiries.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Adrina with Hemlock Hollow. This shop not only inspired us to create CT, but has been instrumental in getting us off the ground. She is on Facebook and etsy, with dozens of of family and children decorations for your home. Check her out and see what she’s up to today!

A-American Financial & Tax Services Corporation

What do you say about the person(s) who deals with your heavy lifting? Mrs. Olga Melo was recommended to us by a friend, and has been a one-stop-shop in making CT a legitimate adventure. She is a professional accountant extraordinaire with over 2 decades in the business of making dreams come true. We could not be more excited to share her with the rest of the world, so check her out here and call her during tax season!

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